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Top 5 winter warming dishes

The seasons are definitely changing, the nights are drawing in and it’s that little bit darker when you have an early start in the morning. There’s also a noticeable change in temperature, and although we’ve been rather fortunate with the weather it’s definitely getting colder!

For some the end of summer is a disappointment, but for Keats restaurant in Romsey we welcome the new season with open arms! Here comes cosy nights by the fire, atmospheric candlelit dinners and those delicious winter warming dishes that will only do on a winters day.

We’ve put together our top 5 winter warming dishes to keep your bellies full and souls warmed as we head into autumn/winter.

  1. Soup! It’s simple but so satisfying on a cold day. Hot, thick and creamy soup, with a chunk of crusty bread and melted butter for dipping! Just the thought make us feel warmer!
  2. Casserole! Whether it’s cooked with beef, chicken, lamb or whatever you choose to throw in the mix, a hearty casserole (or stew) with rich gravy will warm you to your toes! Of course, don’t forget the dumplings!
  3. Sausage and mash! Perhaps a classic all year round, but as it gets colder this traditional favourite is hard to beat with a big dollop of onion gravy! Yum!
  4. Hot Pot! Essentially a pie topped with potato, what more could you want? Delicious potatoes that sit on top of a warming casserole, this is a great one to cook in advance too so you can be prepared for a cosy night evening.
  5. Roast! Let’s face it, a roast dinner is a winner at any time but there’s something a little less satisfying when it’s hot and sunny outside! A soggy autumnal afternoon or a cold wintery day is the perfect time for a tasty roast with all the trimmings!

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