TryJanuary at Keats

Keep #TryJanuary going in 2016

The trending of #TryJanuary came about when food and drink suppliers decided that with #DryJanuary and resolution diets coming into force, people were avoiding food and drink in January rather than celebrating it.

Try January encourages you to try something new in January, whether it be a fine glass of wine you’ve never experienced or a delicious cut of veal.

With January coming to an end we encourage you to continue trying new things throughout the rest of 2016! Bring on #Try2016!

Have you ever tried freshly homemade pasta? Maybe you’ve been missing out on the delicious taste of steamed mussels? Do you even know what a Chateaubriand is?! (If no, it is a meat dish cooked with a thick cut from the tenderloin filet – great for sharing!)

So, don’t let the #TryJanuary attitude end on the 31st, continue on in 2016 to try new things, new delicacies and new delights!

Let the menu at Keats inspire you to #Try2016!