How to make the perfect pancakes

How to make the perfect pancake!

Shrove Tuesday, or as it’s known to most of us; Pancake Day, is the perfect excuse for delicious pancakes drizzled in our favourite toppings!

Not only are they fun to eat but they can be fun to make! We’ve put together some top-tips on how to make the perfect pancake!

Even if you’re using a batter mix (we’re not judging you!) then our tips on cooking may still help your from ending up in a gooey mess, or with pancakes that could be used as Frisbee’s!

How to make the perfect pancake!

  1. Have your ingredients at room temperature.
    If your ingredients is too cold it could stop it mixing evenly, leaving you with lumps of butter. On the “flip” side, you don’t want ingredients hot otherwise your eggs may cook.
  2. Mix wet and dry ingredients separately first.
    Adding all the ingredients together at once can make it hard to for the mixture to combine evenly. By mixing the wet and dry ingredients separately first you’ll get a more even mix.
  3. Mix lightly and rest batter.
    Unlike when you make bread you don’t want to over-work the mixture as doing this will make the gluten toughen. Resting the batter for 5 minutes after you have mixed will allow any developing gluten to settle back down, it will also smooth out some of the lumps.
  4. Use a hot pan and minimal grease.
    Pancakes are not fried, you do not need lashings of grease to cook them in. Using a non-stick pan and wiping a thin layer of grease around the pan is all you need. Make sure the pan is evenly hot to ensure your pancake cooks to perfection!
  5. The perfect cook – know your bubbles!
    It can be hard to judge the perfect time to flip a pancake. If left too long you get a burnt underside (which no-one wants) and if too soon the pancake falls apart the moment you try to turn it. You want to cook your pancake until bubbles cover the surface of the pancake and begin to break, you need to flip your pancake before they all break or you’ll have taken it too far. Once flipped cook the other side for half as long.

We hope this helps you prepare the perfect pancake! Why not share a picture or tell us your favourite topping on our Facebook page!