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5 Healthy tips for eating out!

Many of us make New Years resolutions to get healthier, lose weight, and fit back into that pair of jeans you’ve refused to throw out despite not being able to get them on in 3 years!

Each January see’s the start (and often end) of another diet. Good intentions are out the window and we’re blaming that second bar of chocolate on the January blues!

So, what makes it so hard to stick to a healthy diet? Often because they are unrealistic and no fun to maintain! Restricting and denying yourself of your favourite things like a nice meal out can lead to you blowing the diet in a big way.

A healthy diet should contain balance. You don’t have to kiss goodbye to a nice evening out just to shed a few lbs. You need to be realistic, make your new way of living maintainable, and make small changes rather than drastic.

Eating out is one of those pleasures in life that a diet can restrict. We’ve got 5 Healthy tips for eating out that mean you can still stick to your healthy eating plan, and enjoy life at the same time!

Healthy tips for eating out

  1. Ask for it your way. Us Brits aren’t very good at this, but don’t be afraid to ask questions about your food and tell them what you would like, for example ask them to leave off the fatty dressing, or substitute chips for a salad.
  2. Choose a healthy starter. This way you’re off to a good start and can enjoy your main with a little less guilt. It may also help you fill up enough to be less tempted by a pudding.
  3. Go to a decent restaurant. Some chain restaurants can ofter be partial to re-heating already prepared food, which makes it harder to make changes to and could be hiding hidden nasty’s. A good restaurant that uses locally sourced, fresh produce is already going to be offering healthier food, and being cooked fresh for you is more likely to be able to amend your menu choices.
  4. Ask for a doggy bag.You don’t have to finish a meal out needing to loosen your belt and lie down! It’s natural to not want to leave your meal, especially when you’ve paid for it. When your comfortably full, ask for the rest to be wrapped up so you can take it home and enjoy it for lunch the following day.
  5. Ask for extras – healthy ones! If you do have a healthy appetite and you don’t think your meal will fill you up, then ask for some extra salad or extra vegetables. Don’t be shy! Even if there’s an extra cost, it’s probably less than the cost of a pudding and a lot better for you!

So, don’t let the diet take over your life and restrict you so much you cannot keep it up. Make changes that mean you can still enjoy life and enjoy healthy eating.

We hope your enjoyed our 5 healthy tips for eating out! 

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